Simple Sign-up

To get started, schools simply need to create an  account on the website.

Registration is simple, takes only a few minutes and then you can start to access the service.

Setup your Catalogue

This is where you list for sale the items that have been donated.  3 simple steps are all that is required.

Take Photos

Use your phone or camera to take photos of the item for sale or select from a gallery of past photos for frequently sold items

Create Listing

Add the details of the garment to your sale catalogue including size, colour, condition etc. Your item is now listed live on your shop for parents to buy

Label your items

Every item in your catalogue is assigned a unique ID, write this on a sticky label and attach to the item to keep track of your stock. You're done!

Launch your shop..

You need to let your parents know about the new online shop, using any (or all) of FaceBook, Email and Newsletters.

We can supply you with FREE marketing information to print out and send home, if that would be helpful.

  • You will be notified by email when an item has been sold.
  • Prepare the item for collection and then mark it as ready on the website.
  • The buyer (parent) will get an email notifying them that the item is ready for collection.

Managing Orders

Getting paid

We handle all online payments on behalf of the school.

  • We charge a simple platform fee of 15% of each sale (min 25p).
  • We will waive your platform fees in your first year.  Yes, that’s right, zero fees for a whole year!
  • The remainder of funds are paid to you twice yearly
  • View your accumulated earnings at any time

All done! It's child's play......