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A Life-time Supply of School Uniform?

Buying new school uniform is currently the “norm” but the trend towards second hand school uniform is on the rise.  It’s not hard to see why!

School uniform is something that every student needs. However, the cost of uniform seems to be rising every year and keeps adding up. We thought we would do a little calculation to find out how much this would cost throughout the school-life of a single child and were staggered with the results.

A basic school uniform for a student is:

  • Trousers / Skirt = £18.95 – £39.99
  • Shirts = £15 – £19.50
  • Jumpers = £17.50
  • Plimsoles = £5.50

This does not include any additional leather shoes, trainers for PE or winter attire! This is just the absolute basic that a student would need to wear!

Calculating this all creates an eye-watering average of £77.50 for a basic set of uniform and this is only for 1 pair of each and does not include the price increase when kids inevitably have a growth spurt and need bigger sizes, which as we all know, can sometimes happen twice a year!

Our calculations assume that each student will require 2 to 3 sets of school uniform at any one time, this takes into consideration damages to clothing, growth spurts and needing to have a cleanly ironed set whilst the others are in the wash.  If we base this on 3 sets of uniform, then this will set parents back around £232.50 per year and we haven’t even calculated in the cost of PE attire which would add on the cost of PE Top, Shorts and possibly a separate jumper.

If we take this £232.50 and multiply it over the course of the school years – ranging from primary all the way through to Year 12 then the total is as an eye-watering £2,790! An unbelievable amount of money and whilst it is true that you could purchase some aspects of the uniform at lower cost retail outlets, reducing the costings slightly, some primary and secondary schools require certain style, material or, in the case of blazers, you are required to purchase those with the school logo and these are only available at specialist outlets, who charge a premium price.

As schools often send children home for not wearing the appropriate uniform, families are really struggling to ensure that their children are correctly attired, this is especially difficult for those families with more than one child.

Whether you buy your child’s school clothing from a specialist outlet or from a cheaper retailer, these costs still add up and can be scary when applied over the years these students will be at school!