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Do You Know the Environmental Impact of Your Child’s School Uniform?

Most of us would not bat an eyelid when buying school uniform, I mean it is a necessity! But what is the environmental impact of your child’s uniform and is there a way to make this kinder on our conscious?  An increasing focus on environmental issues both at home and in schools makes this a highly relevant question.  As an example we have taken a school shirt and looked at the impact to the environment of its manufacturing and believe us, the results are quite shocking!

On average a typical school shirt uses up to 3 years’ worth of drinking water for one person in it’s manufacture! Imagine that over the number of children in your local school – then imagine that with the number of schools in your area, region, county, and … well you get the idea! It’s a lot of water!

It is estimated that £150 MILLION will be spent on new school uniform for First Years students.  This is not including the amount spent on children returning to school and needing new uniform due to growth spurts. This perpetual circle of replacing perfectly good uniform is expensive in monetary terms but also has a huge impact on the environment and something that we all need to work on as a country and aim to make this greener.

Historically there has been a stigma around second hand clothing but sentiment is shifting. As second-hand clothing sites such as ‘Vinted’ becoming more popular, this stigma is lifting and people are finding that they can get some great second-hand finds.  So why should this be any different for school clothing?  On average, 1.4 MILLION sets of useable school clothes are thrown away each year, and with our country’s landfills becoming fuller, this is not only a waste but economically a very irresponsible thing to do!  Why not consider some second hand (or preloved) school uniform?

Over 80% of parents buy their children’s school clothes brand new. Not only does this imply parents are spending a lot of money to support their children through school, but it means that the demand is there for companies to keep making and supplying the amount of uniform that is wanted – even though there are millions of perfectly usable school uniforms out there ready to be worn again. Using more of the planets resources and sending the prices of new uniform sky-high.

Not only does buying second-hand uniform help you as a parent get lovely quality uniform for a reduce price but it keeps MILLIONS of perfectly good uniforms from going into the landfill. You are inadvertently making your purchases eco-friendly! Potentially helping your school and most importantly helping to keep the world as it is for your children and eventually their families.

So, let’s get recycling our old uniforms, talk amongst ourselves about the environmental impact and help make second-hand clothing the new trend for 2021!